We made it to the National Hemp Expo

The National Hemp Expo 2020 in Louisville presented by Global Hemp Solutions and The Plug was one of the best expos we’ve ever attended. The expo will featured guest speakers and over 100 booths; Happy Hemp Farmacy was one of them!

The National Hemp Expo gave us the opportunity to promote our topicals, broad spectrum CBD oil, pre-rolls, and much more. This expo provided a space where companies could come together and promote their products, as well as connect to new businesses.

The National Hemp Expo

The National Hemp Expo was definitely one for the books. 

The Happy Hemp Farmacy made the trek to promote our brand, sell some amazing products, and most importantly put a face to all of our lovely customers. During the expo we connected with companies from all over the United States including New Bloom Labs, Elevation Hemp, Hemp ID, and many more. The conference was well worth it and we look forward to attending in the future.

The highlight of the expo was educating the public about hemp and CBD. We believe helping others understand the benefits is critical to our mission. Plus we were able to show that Happy Hemp Farmacy is a family-friend owned company — something  extremely important to us. It’s rare to see a family owned company in this industry.

We love what we do and will promote our products wherever we can. To stay connected with us make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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