Smoking Hemp CBD Flower Guide

Smoking Hemp CBD Flower. Your Questions Answered.

CBD oils and hemp lotions have been in the health and wellness spotlight for several years now, but what about hemp flower uses?

Happy Hemp Farmacy is a proud cultivator of homegrown craft CBD hemp at our Chattanooga headquarters. We grow a variety of popular strains to give our customers a wide range of feel-good flower, with the best practices possible.

If you’ve been curious about the benefits of smoking hemp CBD flower, this handy guide is a great way to get started.

Smoking Hemp CBD Flower can provide amazing benefits.

Smokeable Hemp Benefits

Hemp flower offers the same benefits as any other form of hemp (oils, topicals, edibles) but with faster and more concentrated results. The onset time for smoking hemp flower is immediate, which is ideal for pain or lingering feelings of panic and stress.

In addition, the bioavailability of inhaling hemp flower is 4-15% more effective than using an oral CBD oil. Bioavailability is the cannabinoid absorption rate. The higher the percentage, the more cannabinoids your body will receive. The percentage is higher because smoking bypasses the digestive system and enters the bloodstream straight from the lungs.

CEO of Pure CBD Exchange used smokeable hemp flower to kick a cigarette habit. He said the more hemp rolls he smoked, the more his tobacco cravings subsided. While hemp flower can help with cigarette habits, most of our customers use smokeable hemp flower for workout recovery, stress relief, and everyday relaxation.

Hemp Flower Uses

There are numerous ways to consume CBD flower. Here are a few methods for enjoying your hemp:

  1. The primary way to use hemp flower is smoking or vaping. You can smoke hemp flower using rolling paper, glass pipes, or simply purchase our pre-rolled pack. If you own a dry herb vaporizer, you can also put the CBD flower directly into the vape. Smoking is the quickest way to achieve the effects of CBD flower.
  2. Baking is another popular use. The effects won’t kick in as quickly, but they will last longer. You will need to decarboxylate your CBD in the oven in order to activate the cannabinoids for digestion. Once the CBD is decarboxylated, you can use the flower in baked goods, smoothies, and more. This is a great alternative to buying sugary CBD edibles that are oftentimes more unhealthy than beneficial.
  3. Infusing CBD flower in tea is another suggestion. This brings out the natural herbal aromas of the flower. If you add the hemp straight to the hot water, this will extract the flower’s beneficial terpenes. But if you want to enjoy both the effects and flavors of the terpenes and cannabinoids, you’ll have to decarboxylate the CBD flower in the oven and add this flower to the steeped tea.

Does Hemp Flower Contain Cannabinoids like THC?

CBD hemp rolls might look and smell like marijuana, but they are completely legal and non-psychoactive. There are small traces of THC and THCa in hemp flower, but not enough to be intoxicating. Every full spectrum strain grown in our Chattanooga CBD headquarters is legally approved, this means the THC level is below .3%, whereas most marijuana strains have around 19% THC.We analyze the percentage of other cannabinoids in our flower too. For example, most of our CBD flower contains traces of CBC and CBG. You can view the profile description of each CBD flower strain for more information.

How Will I Feel When I Smoke CBD Flower?

You may experience an “uplifting” feeling or tingling sensation when smoking, but this is much milder than the mind-altering effects of a THC-focused strain.Similar to CBD oil and edibles, smokeable hemp flower will make your mind and body feel relaxed.

Different strains will have slightly different effects. For example, Sour Space Candy is ideal for social gatherings and Cherry Wine is great for kicking back at home. Please remember that you and your friends might feel various effects with each strain because everyone responds to CBD differently.

Smoking CBD flower for wellness.

When Should I Smoke Hemp Flower?

This answer depends mostly on the strain and personal preference. Uplifting strains can be smoked during the day, whereas we recommend the calming strains for evening relaxation. Anytime you need immediate pain or stress relief, try smoking hemp CBD flower. Many users also use hemp rolls to help them sleep at night because the effects will kick in almost immediately.

Which Hemp Flower Strain Should I Pick?

Each strain offers something different. We recommend Sour Space Candy to beginners. Our experienced users love the tried-and-true T-1 strain, which also comes in our select CBD hemp rolls.

We keep the original strain name for each of our flowers (hemp growers from around the nation use the same seeds and strains at their farms), so feel free to do further research online of each particular strain before purchasing.

Can I Smoke CBD in Public?

Purchasing CBD flower is legal, which means smoking CBD is no different from smoking a cigarette. Since it does smell like marijuana, we suggest holding onto the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with you in a public setting. We provide a printed copy of each CBD Flower CoA upon purchase in order to give you peace of mind if you are confronted about the strain’s origin.

Why Should I Choose Happy Hemp Farmacy CBD Flower?

Our hemp farmers seek out specific CBD flower strains and genetics that will give our customers the best smoking experience. We thoroughly research bud density, strength of the bud, terpene profile, cannabinoid profile, taste, and smokeability to provide users a quality product crafted in small batches in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our artisanal flower is third party tested by New Bloom Labs to ensure complete transparency and quality before shipping to your door.

Our goal is to introduce more CBD users to the advantages of hemp flower and its fast-acting benefits.

Ready to try CBD flower for yourself? Order now and receive our craft hemp flower directly from our home to yours.

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