Frosty Cherry Indoor Hemp Flower

CBD Flower Indoor Smokable Test Results

CBD: 13.118%

THCa: .549%

Delta9THC: ND

CBGa: .319%

CBCa: .695%

We thoughtfully choose our flower after thorough research and seed selection. We are a craft hemp company, which means from seed to harvest, we tend to our hemp during the entire process to make sure we provide the best CBD solution to our customers. The final product is boutique artisanal flower grown by a dedicated team in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

This is 100% All natural grown hemp that contains no GMO’s or harmful chemicals.

We grow our CBD flower in-house using sustainability practices such as drip systems and LED lights to lower water and energy use.

We pride ourselves in offering unique hemp flower that is one-of-a-kind per batch. Each strain we produce will be a limited, special release. So make sure you try it while it lasts!

Traditional smoking offers the highest percentage of bioavailability (absorption rate) of any CBD consumption method aside from patches.

100% Home Grown Hemp Flower

This product can be smoked or infused with tea.



2 reviews for Hemp Flower For Sale (Indoor Frosty Cherry)

  1. Timon Woodruff

    Heard about this company through my close friend that I went to school and grew up with. I cannot wait to taste the terpenes and flavor you guys have to offer and if it’s as good as I’ve heard I’ll definitely be back for more.

  2. Schwricka Keyes

    I had the great opportunity to be apart of the 2020 Hemp convention in Dallas, TX. My best friend and I purchased the frosted cherry smoked, and we absolutely LOVE them!

    • JP Cisco

      Thanks for showing Love! We love ya’ll too..

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