Happy Hemp Farmacy Headquarters

Turning a New Leaf. The Happy Hemp Farmacy Headquarters.

At Happy Hemp Farmacy, we make everything from scratch with love. Our new headquarters is no exception!

We've built a new space from the ground up to be able to produce the best handcrafted hemp products. Our new place will allow us to scale the business to meet the demand, while giving us even more quality assurance over each product.  We can’t thank you enough for supporting us throughout our laborious journey to becoming a community-driven craft hemp company.

Why a new Happy Hemp Farmacy Headquarters?

The hemp business has gone through a lot of changes and we always want to be prepared for the challenges ahead. Our new facility allows us to adhere to the strictest guidelines and ensures safety. Our new headquarters also provides the opportunity to be vertically integrated; meaning we own the process from seed to sale.

A vertical supply chain means we can research and buy the best seeds, grow our own strains of CBD flower, and formulate our products in house. There is no middle man and no doubts about our products.

Great CBD products for the working class American.

Another benefit of owing our own building and supply chain means we can make CBD more accessible to working class Americans. CBD can be expensive to produce and sell, especially when there are more "hands" in the process. Happy Hemp Farmacy wants to make CBD more affordable for family, friends, and community.

In order to meet these goals, we'll create everything from the Happy Hemp Farmacy Headquarters located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Our 3,500 foot warehouse will cater to production, office space, and indoor growing needs.

Why focus on indoor growing?

You might be wondering, if we already have several acres of hemp farming outside, then why is indoor farming necessary? That's a great question.

Cultivating indoors is pricey but the investment will benefit our company in the long run for three main reasons:

  1.  Only a few hemp strains can handle the heat and humidity in the Southeast. We’ll have access to a wider variety of hemp with an indoor grow.
  2. Indoor grows can produce four harvests a year compared to the standard single season.
  3. A stable, indoor environment ensures safe, pest-free conditions that are ideal for CBD tinctures and smokable hemp flower.

Our biggest intent is making our indoor hemp harvests as sustainable as possible. The Happy Hemp Farmacy Headquarters is small, which means we’ve had to strategize how to make the space efficient by focusing on the following:

  • Vertical farming will help us grow 4,500-5,000 square feet of hemp in a 3,500 square foot facility!
  • Using LED lights, which consume a mere quarter of the energy of traditional lights.
  • Constructing a drip system to cut down water waste by selectively feeding plants the precise amount required.

Achieving all these needs in the midst of outdoor harvest season has been hectic, but we couldn’t be more excited! The team has been putting in 80 hour work weeks with the intent of designing a unique operation for our CBD customers and local community.

The future for Happy Hemp Farmacy is bright.

Our team is excited about the future because we're passionate about hemp and the benefits of CBD. While many people enter the industry to make a quick buck, we are in this to make a difference, HHF believes in taking a holistic approach to wellness and we will do everything we can to educate others and inspire happier, healthier lives.

Hopefully soon we can invite you and our community members to your the new Happy Hemp Farmacy Headquarters. We'd love to show you what we do and how we do it.

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