CBD Hemp Lotion Benefits for Pain and Skincare


Psst, did you know we have a new line of CBD skin topical products?


For the past year, our customers have often asked if we’d expand our CBD offerings to include a skincare line. After numerous requests, hours of product research, and dozens of scent and formula tests, we created a line of balms, lotions, and oils we’re proud to call our own. Now you can add Happy Hemp Farmacy products to your list of skin needs.


But before you click our “Shop” button and add goods to your cart, we want to tell you why CBD can help with daily skin maintenance, pain, and conditions.


 CBD and Your Skin


All CBD applications are known for easing pain, but topicals can provide a more direct hit to dermal needs. Essentially, CBD oil taken orally has to pass through the digestive system, whereas a topical can be directly applied to a rash or sore spot.


Your skin contains the highest concentration of CB2 receptors in the body. CB2 and CB1 receptors are present in all body tissues and activated by cannabinoids to regulate pain, mood, and more. In regards to skin, this means CBD topicals can manage localized pain as deep as one inch. CBD is also known for its antibacterial properties, which make it perfect for reducing irritation in pores and keeping skin firm.


Research Results


Numerous studies have shown positive results in using CBD. For example, lab rats with arthritis have been given CBD to reduce swelling on targeted areas. The CBD gel minimized inflammation for the rats without having to use an oral medication with possible side effects. Another California study showed not only does CBD lessen the pain, but the compound could also lower the production of tumor necrosis alpha (a protein causing systemic inflammation) common in rheumatoid arthritis patients. 


An Arthritis Foundation 2019 report showed 29% of surveyors use CBD for relief and 55% of those users use topical products. One patient said it was ideal since she was allergic to non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Some studies show CBD topicals may be able to lower oil buildup and redness caused by glands through therapeutic agents in endocannabinoids. Many cannabis-focused chemists believe CBD holds value in its “preventive maintenance” capabilities too. When the body is given a daily dose of CBD (even topically), CB1 and CB2 receptors can accept CBD at a faster rate and build up a barrier for future pain or workout soreness. Meaning even if you aren’t diagnosed with conditions like arthritis or eczema, consistent CBD topical usage can still be a valuable component to your routine.


Different Products for Different Purposes


Each item in our topical line has a different intent. Find out how each product can help with your daily regimen.


Ÿ CBD No Mess Balm targets aches after working out or sitting in your office all day. Some of our customers even apply the balm straight to their forehead during headaches. The Dry Skin Blend nourishes rashes or flaking spots.

Ÿ Our Mini Target Balm is great for on-the-go use without getting your hands messy!

Ÿ Goat’s Milk CBD Lotion hydrates skin with the irresistible smells of Lavender or Eucalyptus Mint Lime blends. The oil-based formula absorbs into the skin deeper than a traditional water-based lotion.

Ÿ CBD Body Oil uses aromatic extracts in a Lavender and Muscle Blend to massage away sore spots


Remember, topicals are used for localized pain. CBD oil and flower still have their purposes for internal or psychological needs related to stress or sleep.

With winter in full swing, the need to nourish dry and sore skin is more important than ever. Whether you’re using our CBD topical line on parched skin or aching muscles, we can’t wait for you to see and feel the difference in our locally sourced hemp products.



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