Daily CBD Dosage Recommendations

Daily CBD Dosage Recommendations

Have you ever wondered what the daily CBD dosage recommendations should be? It’s a great question but the answer isn’t always so simple. The reason is CBD affects each person differently so a “one size fits all” approach is impossible. There are a lot of factors that will contribute to the overall effectiveness of CBD on the body. Let’s explore those first.

Why CBD dose amounts vary per individual

  1. Specific health problems and the intensity of the condition
  2. Metabolism
  3. Weight
  4. Food and prescription intake
  5. Sensitivity to cannabinoids

As you can see, these five factors will have a direct impact on your wellness regimen. While we can’t dive deep into all these factors and provide scientific evidence, we can say that cannabanoids are mostly safe with some rare exceptions.

Cannabinoids or CBD have never caused any known fatal overdoses. That’s the great news! However on certain occasions, mild side effects from taking large doses could cause drowsiness, hyperactivity, increased heart rate, or a stomach ache. And keep in mind, CBD could produce problems if taken with steroids, antibiotics, or anesthetics. This is why we recommend consulting with your physician before purchasing our products.

Finally, even if you are healthy and show no sign of ailments or pain, CBD can still be a very important tool for wellness. Studies have shown tremendous benefits of using cannabinoids.

Start low and go slow!

The titration method is the best way to start taking CBD for the first time. Titration means beginning with a small dose and slowly increasing the intake until desired results are achieved (such as sleeping better or feeling less anxious). We recommend taking small doses of our 500mg CBD Oil each day for about seven days before working up to a bigger dose.

Larger doses might sound more ideal, but lower doses can be just as beneficial. For example, low doses tend to be more stimulating and large doses tend to be more sedative. Depending on what you’re looking for, low doses might be the better option for you. Once you get acclimated, you can take bigger doses of the same bottle, or use an extra strength 1500mg CBD oil to get stronger results in each drop.

Daily CBD Dosage Recommendations from Happy Hemp Farmacy

CBD Daily Dosage Recommendations

For a newcomer, it’s better to start with a low dosage. We suggest you consider the 1000mg Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum CBD oil then take 16-20mg per day (or 1/4 to 1/2 dropper full of liquid). From there you can increase your dosage every seven days until you notice the benefits. By going slow you also reduce the chances of experiencing any of the side effects listed above.

If you’ve been using CBD oil for a while and haven’t achieved the desired results, you can use the 1500mg strength and take 60-120mg per day (one to two full droppers of liquid).

Our bottles are currently available in the following options:

  • 500mg bottle = 17mg per 1ml dose
  • 1000mg bottle = 33mg per 1ml dose
  • 1500mg bottle = 50mg per 1ml dose

Please keep in mind that titration helps cannabinoids slowly build up in fat tissues where they are stored. If you don’t take CBD for a few days or weeks, the body will use the stored supply in these cells until the endocannabinoid system runs out and then it “resets.” For this reason, if you ever take a break from CBD use, start back with lower doses and build your way up again.

Keep an open mind

The best way to approach CBD is with an open mind and willingness to try different dosages, formulas, and products. If you aren’t feeling any effects after a week of consuming CBD oil at a certain dosage amount, then increase your take. If after a month CBD oil still doesn’t seem to assess pain symptoms, try a CBD topical or smokable hemp flower instead.

Moral of the story, don’t quit on CBD! Our daily CBD dosage recommendations are a general outline. You might discover a huge difference in your health within a couple weeks, or it might take you a few months to figure out the right routine for you.


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