Being different in the CBD industry.

In a sea of business competition, it can be difficult to be different – especially in the CBD industry. It’s easy to feel like you’re drowning because almost every product looks the same or promises the same benefits. For the consumer, it can be very hard to choose the right stuff. This is why Happy Hemp Farmacy goes against the current.

Happy Hemp Farmacy is unique.

Being different in the CBD industry is our goal. Besides offering the best handcrafted hemp products, there are a lot of ways our company is unique compared to many others in the space.


We strive to be 100% transparent and down to earth. This might not seem like a big deal but it really is! So many CBD companies market products that aren’t really CBD at all or that have less quantities of CBD than what’s on the label. Don’t you deserve the truth as well as products you know are safe and thoroughly tested?

There are plenty of competitors who are inaccurate about their content, unclear about their strength, and don’t independently test their products to back up their claims. Happy Hemp Farmacy will never hide the facts and ensure you have all the details you need to know.

Third Party Testing

We incorporate third-party lab testing at every step of the way to show you exactly how good our products are and exactly what they contain. We believe CBD can help anyone live a happier and healthier life, but if the product you’re using is substandard, the results you get will be substandard too.

Happy Hemp Farmacy posts our Certificate of Analysis in our product sections according to batches and lot labels. We have a Quality Control page that gets continually updated. And you can contact us anytime for the test results.

Education and Support

Happy Hemp Farmacy believes in ongoing education and support. There is SO much to know about CBD and cannabis and it can be challenging to know what’s right and what’s wrong. We invest time every week to further our knowledge about the science and business side of CBD … and we freely share it with others.

Our team is passionate about helping others too! You’ll often find them hosting workshops, getting certifications, or serving in the community to ensure we can provide the proper support today and tomorrow.

Seed to Sale

The biggest thing that makes us different from 98% of the CBD companies in the marketplace is that we grow our own CBD rich hemp and produce everything in house. We are passionately involved in every part of the process from seed to sale and we formulate our own products.

Other CBD companies purchase hemp biomass from China, other countries or unknown distributors. You don’t know what you’re getting. All of our hemp is grown in the USA, by us, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Happy Hemp Farmacy CBD is different!

Be a part of the Happy Hemp Farmacy Community

We know that people are beginning to lose trust in the CBD industry, but we believe that by running our own hemp farm and allowing independent testing, we can build a new relationship with people around the world. A relationship that is built on trust, and not on the latest marketing figures or buzzwords.

You can join our Happy Hemp Community and follow us on the journey from farm to health. We want to make a difference in the CBD industry, and the best way to start is by being honest and upfront about every detail of what we are doing.
We hope you’ll give us the chance to make that difference in your life.

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