About Us

We work hard to provide you with premium, handcrafted hemp products.

As a craft hemp company, we take great pride in our values and the quality of our work. We believe in sourcing and producing locally, using sustainable processes, connecting to the community, and using artisanal methods.

About Happy Hemp Farmacy

We created Happy Hemp Farmacy to empower people to live healthier and happier lives. We believe CBD is beneficial for every person and our commitment is providing you with the best product for a fair price.


Happy Hemp Farmacy is a family owned business whose focus and passion is improving your quality of life. This is why we will never sell or offer substandard wellness products.

From seed to sale, our team is heavily involved in the process to handcraft only the best CBD flower for all of our hemp derived products. Every batch we grow is thoroughly tested by a third party lab at various stages to ensure potency and safety is maintained. And when you purchase any product from Happy Hemp Farmacy, we provide a Certificate of Analysis so you can see the results for yourself.

While many other CBD companies hide their process and results, we believe in total transparency. This is one way we're different.

Happy Hemp Farmacy is also a community focused company who loves to support others. Whether it's donating CBD products to disabled veterans or getting our hands dirty after a tornado, we are here to help. This will always be a part of our DNA.

When you connect with our team, you'll see we are down to earth, authentic people from Chattanooga, Tennessee. We're real people who love what we do. Our purpose isn't making a quick buck by selling you some snake oil; our purpose is to build a long lasting relationship by providing you with quality, artisanal products to make life better.

If you have any questions about CBD, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime. We're here to guide you.

Our Leadership Team

Happy Hemp Farmacy has an incredible team of passionate professionals creating the best wellness products possible. Here's our leadership team. We'll be adding more team member photos soon!


Nik Shipley

cody website cropped

Cody Wilkinson

Vice President of Operations
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Tiffiany Harris

Chief Secretary
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